My story

Introducing… I am Ellen, 40 years old and living in Heiloo. A village just below Alkmaar. You can rightly call me a real North Holland, because I have lived in this region all my life. As a teenager I already dreamed of guiding people around later and showing them the real Netherlands. It was only twenty years later that I really dared to pursue that dream. I quit my job and started Nora’s Tours.

Nora is also the name of my oldest daughter. Her brother Sam and little sister Fem both thought it was fine that I chose that name.

My mission

During my tours I tell you not only interesting facts about the Netherlands of the past, but also how life here is now. What is on the dinner table, how our children grow up, how we think about social issues and why many Dutch people speak a nice word of English, for example. I also do the tours in German by the way, if needed.

Do you have questions? App or email me. I hope to meet you soon and would like to show you something of our beautiful country.